Welcome to the Hidden Wiki! We are the best way to find interesting Tor hidden services. We keep our list up-to-date and remove old/dead links.

Starting Points

Hidden Answers – A Yahoo answers like website for the dark web. Uncensored and lets you ask anything you want.

TorDex – The uncensored Tor search engine that lets you find almost anything you’re looking for on the dark net.

Torch (Tor Search) – The oldest Tor search engine with over 1 million pages indexed.

The Hidden Wiki – The original hidden wiki from 2012. Full of useful onion links but many are scams!

Email Services

DNMX – Secure anonymous email services build for the dark net.

Secmail – The oldest email services for the dark net. Uses Digital Ocean so security is weak!

Financial Services

PayPalPlaza – The source for PayPal accounts with easy cashout.

VendorCC – High balance fullz dumps with auto checkout and cashout guides.


WeedWay – The best source for weed on the dark net shipped world wide.

How do I add links to the Hidden Wiki?

We are always looking to add more links to our directory. If you have a link you want added please email it to [email protected] – make sure to mention the category and description on the website. Adding links takes time so there will be a one time fee of $25 USD to add the link to the directory.